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The Ghost Crystal™ is a natural stone crystal specially wrapped in precious metal with the addition of specific natural elements like Bone, Hematite, and Garnet.  These and other natural items are combined singularly or in combination with the Crystal to create a unique resonance that can attract paranormal activity.


Unlike the Energy Vortex Crystal Amulet, or EVC, which is designed for protection only, the Ghost Crystal™ has a specialized dual purpose.  The energy field, once activated, provides departed souls or spirits with the focal energy needed for manifestation, while the crystal simultaneously protects the wearer from negative energy and dark forces.


Here's what the GC can do for you:

Powerful protection from negative energy and dark forces, needed when working with the dead, spirits, and haunted locations.  In addition it is designed to enhance and facilitate paranormal communication and "project" the wearers thoughts, feelings, and intent; this dual ability is especially helpful for Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators or anyone wishing to experience paranormal activity, such as facilitation during a Séance, and remain totally shielded or protected.


Each piece is created with sacred spiritual intent for good.  The Ghost Crystal™ is a powerful specialized metaphysical tool; careful consideration and caution must be observed while using the Ghost Crystal™ during any paranormal endeavor.

SOLD - Thanks Raymond!

Ghost Crystal™ Pendant. Tibetan Quartz Crystal, Black Anthracite inclusions, 2mm Hematite bead.

This piece is featured in the article above.

Stock Number: GCARG1

Product Type: Pendant

Elements: Natural Quartz Crystal from Tibet, 18 gage Argentium Silver, .925 Sterling Silver Head Pin.

Size: 5/8ths x 2.25 inches including bail.

Price: SOLD $35.00 Free Shipping to the lower 48 State.  Plus sales tax for Texas Residents.


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SOLD - Thanks Chris & Lucie!  Double terminated Tibetan Quartz Crystal.  The crystal has frosty bands of natural silicate with semi-clear bands (center and top).  Many Black Anthracite inclusions near the center of the crystal.  A natural channel was used to secure the crystal with 20 gage sterling silver wire and to mount a 2mm Hematite all knowing, all seeing "eye."  The frosty coating creates a ghostly white veiled appearance.  All sides of the crystal are shown.  This is a really great piece.


Stock Number: FstyTbt1

Product Type: Pendant

Elements: Natural Quartz Crystal from Tibet, 20 gage Sterling Silver.

Size: Stone about 0.5 x 2&1/8th inches; overall about 2.5" long including bail.

Price: SOLD $35.00 Free Shipping to the lower 48 State.  Plus sales tax for Texas Residents.

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